Statement from Design Staff

We are so pleased that our 3rd year Design student cohort is involved in the 2020 LICA Degree Show. This year marks the third time that our students’ work is being exhibited. As tutors, we have seen their progress over the year and are immensely proud of their industriousness and their creativity. 

Thanks in part to our Open Studio strategy, implemented this year, all Design students were able to use dedicated studio space in the LICA Building to think, create, learn and collaborate. This emergent studio culture, coupled with access to our making workshop and opportunities to enhance their  visualisation skills, has meant that this year’s graduating class is poised for great things upon graduation. 

In this year’s LICA Degree Show, our students are exhibiting work from two, distinct studios: Contexts and Things. For Contexts, students engaged intensely with notions of space and place, including a field trip to Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Being in a specific place provided the students with a lens through which to propose design interventions that would improve the social, environmental and/or economic conditions of the area. For Things, students considered human-made artefacts and systems as projections of possible futures, fusing students’ conceptual and practical abilities to design fictional objects. 

Both studios reflect the potential of design to create change. In Contextsstudents used design to intervene in existing environments and communities, and develop creative takes on urban transformation. For Thingsstudents proposed new products or systems through design thinking and making, combining contemporary research with imagined futuresThis ability to connect the real with the possible is key to Design as a discipline and is strongly articulated, both visually and textually, in the work of our graduating students. 

Dr. Christopher Boyko 

LICA Degree Show committee member, Design 

LICA 2020