Life is my own autobiography, including bits and pieces of things that happened in my life.

The French New Wave Movement is the main insipration for the film, be ready for Jump Cuts and voice overs.

I filmed The Mission when I was filming Life (Because I was too bored and thought it would be fun !)

Good artists copy great artists still, I BORROWED from Johnnie To and spaghetti western films which I love. Please let me know how many references from other films you can find.

I am Matthew, I am a person who loves films and puppies. Who is also a supporter of freedom and equality. I love films, therefore I became a film student. I enjoy watching films and certainly would like to participate in any filmmaking project.  If you also like photography and films, check out my Instagram Page: nicefellers / Tumblr: matthewtsetheone / YouTube: Matt in Hong Kong
A film full off inescapable paranoia
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